Thinking of starting an indoor grow project?

Every week Radiance Grow will feature a leading hydroponic retailer to help you on your path to success. Each and every year growing technologies get better and better. Whether you are a novice gardener starting your 4 plant cannabis garden, or a seasoned cannabis grower… it is very hard to stay on the cutting edge.

This week our expert grow team is from Teragenic Solutions, in Gatineau Quebec. The team is knowledgeable and sell solutions they understand and use. Teragenic makes every effort to assist their growers in choosing the best nutrients, lighting and grower supplies. First, off they provide hands on growing support to help assist you in the complicated product selection and ensure you make informed decisions. This all starts with lighting and nutrients.

Once you have the experts at your fingertips, they will lead you to the top hydroponic supplies from the best vendors, with over 200 indoor products to choose from. Finally, and most importantly there store is located only ten minutes from Ottawa city centre, where the staff are certified and experienced growers.

Do yourself a favour, if you live within an hour of Ottawa, make the effort to go to the best hydroponic store in the Greater Ottawa area. For more information, visit their website here.

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