It’s flower and veggie seeding time!

It’s the start of April and in the northern hemisphere winter’s last gasp has just blown away. The soil is still too cold to plant in the Toronto area for at least a few more weeks. For gardeners in  Southern Ontario it’s a great time to plan for your veggie garden.switzerland-2519634_1920

If you are truly a green thumb there is nothing more satisfying then buying seed packets from your local garden supplier and setting up your own mini plant factory.

The keys to successful seed germination is picking a high quality potting soil. The consistently best quality on the market is ProMix. The secret sauce is ensuring you mix in some water absorbing granules. These will slowly absorb and release water so the seedlings get consistent moisture.

For us, its time for peppers, tomatoes, parsley, basil and a variety of flowers to start growing. Good luck in your outdoor gardening adventures this season.

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