Cannabis Cultivation – Combining “Elite” growing rules with Pro-luxx lighting technology!

Elite Gardens is at the cutting edge of cannabis cultivation in California. Based out of Santa Barbara they doubled their greenhouse yields after adding Megaphoton Proluxx 1000w grow fixtures!

Cannabis growing was a secret society for many years. Recently with legalization in Canada, and dozens of U.S. states, the art of growing is increasingly mainstream.

According to Elite’s master growers there are 5 steps to maximize yields. They are light, nutrients, pH, temperature and humidity. Having installed Proluxx grow lights in their greenhouse, they break down the amount of lighting use as follows:


  • 18 HRS on 12 HRS off for veg,
  • 12 HRS on 12 HRS off for flower.
  • Never go in your room when it is dark, let the plants enjoy their sleep! During their dark cycle, plants stop photosynthesizing and start to respire at a constant rate.

How do you grow like the pros? Start by thinking “elite” results and you will be well on your way to improving yields just like Team Elite.

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