Proluxx 1000W HPS GROW Light

Recently, our factory announced a new CEO for Europe and the America’s. Megaphoton owns the intellectual property on Proluxx. Radiance Grow Tech Inc. is thrilled to be the exclusive source of this disruptive lighting technology in Canada. Trials with Proluxx are currently underway at two of Canada’s leading greenhouse operators in Leamington, ON. Further exciting trials will be announced for cannabis in the coming weeks. Read more about Proluxx and Megaphoton here.

Start of a lighting journey

In late 2017 I was looking for some new greenhouse products at a horticulture trade show. At the show I was attracted to gleaming lights from an unassuming booth. The company was Efinity, and they explained they had a new disruptive lighting technology. Coming from a background in organic fertilizers and pesticides, I was intrigued. I researched several other lighting companies and found they all looked and acted the same, based on old HPS lighting technology.

After a few months of researching I concluded the greenhouse industry in Canada was missing out on Efinity products. After a visit to their facility in Walnut California in February 2018 I was ready to launch Radiance Grow Tech. The team at Efinity, is led by a former Philips lighting expert and quickly our sales team was up to speed on LED, Metal halide (CMH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) technology.