Hello Plant Box. Kitchen gardening made easy 365 days per year.

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ECOKITCHEN mini is the ideal size for a up to 12 plants. You
can be grow at any. Plants grow in water, not soil so it is sustainable, way to grow what you want to feed your family year round. The system comes with a 150 watt
LED lighting system,tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize photos synthesis.

Growing your own food has been a challenge for those of us with either small yards or living in a big city condo. After countless years in testing, we finally have a complete range of products available to grow your own herbs, veggies and plants.

Plant Box is a smart gardening system that does all the heavy lifting. Once you plant your seeds and add some fertilizer the Plant Box does the rest.

Learn more about the EcoCube in our product video : http://18147318.s21v.faiusr.com/58/ABUIABA6GAAgl6_J5wUo1NjynQU.mp4