Kitchen gardening and #Grow365

Anyone with a green thumb can attest to the changing of the seasons and how we relate to each season as a gardener. Each year we anxiously await for winter to dissipate, the ground to warm up and the soil awaken to allow for plants to grow and thrive. This cycle of plant, grow and harvest has been at the heart of farming since the first settlers grew corn.

As of January 2019, CDC Says it is safe to eat Romaine Lettuce Again.

Today artificial intelligence and big data dominate the media and farming world. Mass production of produce is now an exact science and getting more “techy” all the time. During the romaine lettuce bacteria scare, many people started to ask the question is the food I buy safe? The question you may ponder is, can I grow my own food?

If you buy any fruit, vegetables or herbs at your retail store of choice (or Amazon if you prefer), have you ever given pause to think about where it is grown or even how it was grown? Depending on where you live, it may be from Mexico, South America, the United States or Asia. Food production is a complex supply chain, and all crops have preferred soil and weather conditions. Now for the “eureka” moment… you can grow many of the vegetables and herbs you now buy and technology has made this easy for the novice grower.

Our technology partners, PlantBox have taken years of plant growing knowledge and built a complete farm in a box which fits right in your kitchen. PlantBox have taken years of plant growing expertise from leading plant experts and built a complete farm in a box which fits right in your kitchen. The Eco Kitchen can grow lettuce, cherry tomatoes, flowers, fresh herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, parsley) and more. For the first time consumers now have the power to grow 12 months a year, food for their families! Follow along our journey of growing our own food!